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Freezpen – Simple treatment on the spot

Does this sound familiar? A patient comes into your practice for a check-up. You notice a condyloma. It may require treatment. But what’s the best way to bring up the subject?

Freezpen is the answer. It’s much easier to raise this potentially sensitive subject when you can propose immediate treatment. When you can tell your patient that you have a simple instrument to treat the lesion with cryosurgery. And that the procedure is extremely accurate, quick, effective and with no stress or pain. You can even do it right away!

​Freezpen can remove most common skin pathologies in just a few seconds, including condyloma and molluscum contagiosum.

It can also be used to treat verrucae, skin tags, solar lentigo, pigmented spots, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, hemangioma, plantar warts, and more.

Freezpen benefits
Simply powerful

High power (50-55 bar) microjet achieves in-tissue temperature of -89°C, for complete tissue necrosis in seconds.

Simple procedure

Assess the lesion, choose the right applicator, point, freeze, wipe, freeze again. Done!

Simply perfect

Perfect results with no scarring. Healthy tissue is unaffected; frozen tissue disappears in a few weeks.

Simply painless

No pain, no cuts or bleeding, no anesthesia. Slight sting signals when treatment is complete.

Choose your device
Before / After
10 seconds/treatment - Recovery in just 2 weeks
Condyloma - Before treatment with FreezpenCondyloma - after treatment with Freezpen
Before treatment - GenitalAfter treatment - Genital