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Does this sound familiar? A client presents a pet with an unsightly or worrying skin lesion, or you spot a lesion during a check-up. Much as they adore the animal, they are reluctant to incur unnecessary costs. Or to make their pet endure painful treatment. How can you reassure them that this lesion can be treated quickly, painlessly and at a very low cost?

Freezpen is the answer. It’s much easier to put your clients’ minds at rest when you can tell them that you have a simple cryosurgery instrument to treat the lesion, and that the procedure is extremely accurate, quick, effective and with no stress or pain. And since you don’t need anesthesia, it will cost very little extra!

​Freezpen can remove most common animal skin pathologies in just a few seconds, such as aberrant or extra eyelashes (distichiasis), warts and small skin tumors, tumors in the mouth, and more.

Freezpen benefits
Best treatment

Forged from the widespread acceptance that cryotherapy is the benchmark treatment for all skin lesions.

Good business

Generate income today from clients who are deterred by the high costs of other treatment options.

No anesthesia

No need for time-consuming preparation, anesthesia or surgery. Freezpen is a practical and easy-to-use instrument that is cost effective and treats in seconds.

No pain, no stress

A no-stress treatment. Freezpen’s precision reduces damage to healthy skin, and avoids any suffering to animals.

Before / After
10-second treatment / Recovery in just 2 weeks
Ear tumor
Eyelid tumor
Treatment videos
10-second treatment / Recovery in just 2 weeks

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